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Witch Finger's


reuseablerichie: where is tebo
WhippingGirl04: i dunno
reuseablerichie: find out
WhippingGirl04: he told me he had a date, but i think he's bullshitting me
WhippingGirl04: what do i look like, richie's bitch? how should i know where he is?
reuseablerichie: oh no he told me about it he said he was going to the boling ally with some bitch
WhippingGirl04: yeah
WhippingGirl04: so he's prolly there or something
reuseablerichie: ok do u know his #
reuseablerichie: ook
WhippingGirl04: yeah
WhippingGirl04: whats in it for me if i give it to you?
reuseablerichie: omg
WhippingGirl04: heh
WhippingGirl04: 6513 or something like that
reuseablerichie: make sure it right please
WhippingGirl04: i dont have it written down anywhere
WhippingGirl04: i'm pretty sure thats right
WhippingGirl04: if you dont believe me go look in the phone book or something
reuseablerichie: ok
reuseablerichie: look for me
WhippingGirl04: wtf??
reuseablerichie: please
reuseablerichie: come on
WhippingGirl04: do i look like i'm your bitch? look it up yourself you lazy ass!
reuseablerichie: yes
WhippingGirl04: um, no i dont think so
reuseablerichie: im an ass
WhippingGirl04: dude, its right, just call...geeze
reuseablerichie: ok whats the #
WhippingGirl04: i just TOLD you!
WhippingGirl04: dont you pay attentioN?
reuseablerichie: i for got it
WhippingGirl04: scroll up..
reuseablerichie: i
reuseablerichie: clicked it out
WhippingGirl04: well that'll teach you to close my window wont it?
reuseablerichie: yes
WhippingGirl04: 6513
reuseablerichie: ok
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