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Off Topic's Journal

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Monday, November 10th, 2003
11:47 am - y0..

momma. I'm new. Just wanted to say, "Hi!"

Oh.. and I'm a Libra. What's yo sign, baby?

current mood: anxious

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Saturday, April 19th, 2003
2:10 pm - Hello!

I am new!

I am a pirate.

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, January 5th, 2003
11:37 pm - Tasty nuggets of enjoyment.


Plastic surgery before and after pics - a fascinating collection of photos.


Exactly what it says...


Strange flash keyboard. Try and play a tune by slapping the nice Japanese man in the face.

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Sunday, September 15th, 2002
1:58 pm - Nightmares and Hallucinations


Though I'm sure for the most part, everyone has scopedd out this site, or one like it. You just can't beat a site that has the effects of LSD on a spider.

Well Frank, seems like one of those long hard ones. Tamara's a punk! Raaah!

Come and visit my journal, because you love me.

Well I'm off to go and bathe, so I can get to burger flippin and assembly at good old Mckey D's.

current mood: cranky

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Thursday, September 12th, 2002
3:38 pm

WhippingGirl04: my ass hurts, and i think i mildly sprained my ankle :-(:-(
WhippingGirl04: all in the vicinity of two minutes
etvseb: Haha
WhippingGirl04: i was taking a quiz, so i was late getting outta class when the bell rang...and i was scrambling at my locker to get my shit, so i could go find joe and tell him something.....
WhippingGirl04: so i close my locker and start walking, alla sudden, that ass Tebo fricking RUNS up behind me and kicks my ass as hard as he can
WhippingGirl04: i go flyin into the locker...drop my shit...
etvseb: Haha
WhippingGirl04: i'm like "you asshole!" and i pick it up and run out the door towards Joe, who's almost to his car...........and then i trip
WhippingGirl04: and sprain my ankle
WhippingGirl04: and joe turns around and laughs
etvseb: thats hilarious!
WhippingGirl04: LOL it is not!!!!!!
etvseb: yeah it is
WhippingGirl04: It fuckin hurt...
etvseb: thats why it's funny
WhippingGirl04: :-(:-(
WhippingGirl04: i was lying on the concrete in pain
WhippingGirl04: lol
etvseb: Haha
WhippingGirl04: :-(:-(:-(:-(
WhippingGirl04: lol
WhippingGirl04: i had to limp to the bus and everybody laffed
etvseb: I woulda laughed too
WhippingGirl04: your so mean
etvseb: UI try
WhippingGirl04: its not my fault that fucking dilrod kicked my ass
etvseb: err I
etvseb: so punch him in the nuts
WhippingGirl04: it is kinda my fault that i tripped though lol
WhippingGirl04: i didnt have time......
etvseb: there's always time for nut punching
WhippingGirl04: i had to run and push joe.........but it never happened......he saw me.....cuz he heard the "THUD" of me falling onto the pavement
WhippingGirl04: lol
etvseb: Haha
WhippingGirl04: *sigh*
WhippingGirl04: bastards.

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Monday, September 9th, 2002
12:38 pm

my favorite words today....


that is all...

current mood: weird

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Sunday, September 8th, 2002
12:29 am - HAHA

WhippingGirl04: hey
sxxxchamp: hey
WhippingGirl04: richie's stupid ass was pestering me for your phone number
WhippingGirl04: >:o
sxxxchamp: what an ass
WhippingGirl04: i know..
sxxxchamp: he just called me like 10 minutes ago and i wasnt home but posedly my mom went off on him
WhippingGirl04: LOL
WhippingGirl04: she went off on him??
WhippingGirl04: thats great..
sxxxchamp: what a fucking asshole
WhippingGirl04: i know..
WhippingGirl04: what'd he want anyways?
sxxxchamp: i just got home like 5 minutes ago
sxxxchamp: i dont have a fuckin clue
WhippingGirl04: lol
WhippingGirl04: what an ass..

current mood: amused

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Saturday, September 7th, 2002
10:58 pm - Idiot.....

reuseablerichie: where is tebo
WhippingGirl04: i dunno
reuseablerichie: find out
WhippingGirl04: he told me he had a date, but i think he's bullshitting me
WhippingGirl04: what do i look like, richie's bitch? how should i know where he is?
reuseablerichie: oh no he told me about it he said he was going to the boling ally with some bitch
WhippingGirl04: yeah
WhippingGirl04: so he's prolly there or something
reuseablerichie: ok do u know his #
reuseablerichie: ook
WhippingGirl04: yeah
WhippingGirl04: whats in it for me if i give it to you?
reuseablerichie: omg
WhippingGirl04: heh
WhippingGirl04: 6513 or something like that
reuseablerichie: make sure it right please
WhippingGirl04: i dont have it written down anywhere
WhippingGirl04: i'm pretty sure thats right
WhippingGirl04: if you dont believe me go look in the phone book or something
reuseablerichie: ok
reuseablerichie: look for me
WhippingGirl04: wtf??
reuseablerichie: please
reuseablerichie: come on
WhippingGirl04: do i look like i'm your bitch? look it up yourself you lazy ass!
reuseablerichie: yes
WhippingGirl04: um, no i dont think so
reuseablerichie: im an ass
WhippingGirl04: dude, its right, just call...geeze
reuseablerichie: ok whats the #
WhippingGirl04: i just TOLD you!
WhippingGirl04: dont you pay attentioN?
reuseablerichie: i for got it
WhippingGirl04: scroll up..
reuseablerichie: i
reuseablerichie: clicked it out
WhippingGirl04: well that'll teach you to close my window wont it?
reuseablerichie: yes
WhippingGirl04: 6513
reuseablerichie: ok

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9:34 pm - Only four members?

This place isnt gonna erupt as fast as my hitchhikers community is it? yeesh...oh well.

I like pie. I like pie. one potatoe, two potatoe, i like pie.
pics of me and My best freind Joe wrastleing!Collapse )

current mood: wacky

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8:58 pm - What could possibly be more lovely?

Well I figured I'd get things a-go-in by posting this site.
It rocks my socks.

I figure its pretty slick by my standards.
And if you want to join myy empty community its called scumbagfaggots
and if not then who cares. this place could be pretty interesting on its own.

current mood: grumpy

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